SlideRocket – Cloud

This is the cloud version of Microsoft Power Point. It is created by the company that I’m working for at the moment. I’m blogging this not because I’m working for them but I’m blogging this based on my personal opinion

It is a powerful web application and It really works as it allows you to use Slide Rocket to share and collaborate your presentation slides with everyone and you don’t need to carry your power point slides file or your laptop. It supports mobile device as well such as an iPad. You just need a connection to the internet

For the standard functionality (Create a presentation slides), it is FREE for life but when you want to use versioning for your presentation, or when you want to have more security control over your presentation, or even to analyse who has accessed your slide and when was it then you need to have monthly subscription. Check it out guys

ps: some guy is using this web application for their resume! and it’s impressive!

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