Enum in javascript and binding it to Dropdown list

It’s pretty clean to set, bind and use enum in your javascript

//Enum declaration
var AvailableActions = { “Action”: 1, “Priority”: 2, “Status”: 3 };

function Load()
for (var action in AvailableActions) {
jQuery(“#MandatoryActionList”).append(“<option value=” + AvailableActions[action] + “>” + action + “</option>”);

//Use the enum
AvailableActions[“Priority”] will return 2
action will return the string representation in this case e.g “Action”, “Priority”, or “Status”

SQL Splitting function performance

I was required to create a SQL Splitter function and I tried to browse internet to find an article about it but I never thought there is someone has done wonderful job in comparing the performance of his SQL Split function including with the benchmark and technical break down. Now based on this article, I’m quite sure I have a strong/high performance SQL Splitter function