Power Apps – Mount a SQL Server table as an entity in Dataverse

Business Case: We have a need where we have an existing database from a legacy app and we really enjoyed how easy and fast it is to use Power Apps (Model Driven app) to access entities in dataverse. So can we use mount an external table to Dataverse and the answer is yes, it is possible and it is straight forward

Add a SQL Server Connection in Power Apps – “Authentication Type : SQL Server Authentication” for this POC. But I think the best practice is to use Service Principal (Azure AD Application)

On your SQL Server side (in my case i am using Azure), you need to whitelist the Power Platform IP Addresses – You can get the list of IP Addresses from here – Managed connectors outbound IP addresses

On the Power Apps – Go to Tables and Select New Table then select “New table from external data

Select the connection – SQL Server that we created before and then select the SQL Server table that you want to mount

Once all done, now you can see all the records in SQL server as virtual entity in your dataverse

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