Dynamic array in VB/VB.NET/ASP

Time to go back to old school ASP, I found that i need to create an array that contains a list of languages from a table in database. I would like to make this array length as many as the number of rows in language table. yes you can do it through keyword of ReDim and Preserve

                dim objLanguage
                dim languageCount
                dim languageArray()

                languageCount = 0

                set objLanguage = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
                objLanguage.ActiveConnection = MM_CTG_STRING
                objLanguage.Source = "SELECT * FROM Languages"
                objLanguage.CursorType = 0
                objLanguage.CursorLocation = 2
                objLanguage.LockType = 3

                WHILE NOT objLanguage.EOF

") response.Write(objLanguage("Language")) response.Write("

") ReDim Preserve languageArray(languageCount) languageArray(languageCount) = objLanguage("LanguageID") languageCount = languageCount + 1 objLanguage.MoveNext() WEND objLanguage.Close() Set objLanguage = nothing %>

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