Find a control in ContentPlaceHolder

I have a user control and I would like to hide a control on the page container that host this user control. I try to use


But It throws an error of object not found. The solution is you need to find the contentplaceholder first on the master page then you find the control that you want from that placeholder. It’s a bit tricky since i thought once you get a Page instance then you can get all control hosted on the Page instance itself.

1. Place this tag on your page where it hosts your control

2. go to the page behind of the user control/page where you want to place your logic to hide/show it

'hide the dynamic page from the parent page
Dim mainContent As ContentPlaceHolder = CType(Page.Master.FindControl("ContentPlaceHolder1"), ContentPlaceHolder)

If Not (mainContent Is Nothing) Then
   Dim contentPlaceHolder As Literal = CType(mainContent.FindControl("litContent"),Literal)
   If Not (contentPlaceHolder Is Nothing) Then
       contentPlaceHolder.Visible = False
   End If
End If

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