Divide by zero error occured in SQL Server

I tried to create an average in sql server by dividing two figures. Once I got the error of “Divide by zero error occured”, this is caused by dividing the figure by null value, to handle the error we can use “NULLIF”

DECLARE @ThisMonthAvg decimal(8,2)
SET @ThisMonthAvg = @ThisMonthPlayers / NULLIF(@ThisMonthEvents, 0)

DECLARE @LastMonthAvg decimal(8,2)
SET @LastMonthAvg = @LastMonthPlayers / NULLIF(@LastMonthEvents, 0)

DECLARE @ThisYearAvg decimal(8,2)
SET @ThisYearAvg = @ThisYearPlayers / NULLIF(@ThisYearEvents, 0)

DECLARE @LastYearAvg decimal(8,2)
SET @LastYearAvg = @LastYearPlayers / NULLIF(@LastYearEvents, 0)

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